New Headway Elementary

New Headway Elementary, Fourth edition is a course for students who already have 

some basic knowledge of the language. They may have recently completed a beginner

course or they may be returning to language learning after a break and need to revise 

key language before being able to progress further.



Organization of the course

The organization of New Headway Elementary, Fourth edition is similar to other levels of Headway,

 fourth edition. Each unit has the following:

               • Starter is designed to be a warmer to the lesson and has a direct link with the unit to come.

               • Presentation of new language : New language items are presented through texts, often 

                conversations, which students can read and listen to at the same time. This enables students to                      relate the spelling to the sounds of English, and helps with pronunciation, as well as form and use.

               • Practice This section contains a variety of controlled and freer practice exercises. The primary                      skills used are speaking and listening, but there is also some reading and writing. There are                            information gap exercises, group discussions, information transfer listening exercises,

                pronunciation exercises, and a lot of personalized activities.

                • Skills work - always speaking, combined with listening or reading, with a writing section for each

                 unit at the back of the book

                VocabularyVocabulary is introduced systematically and it is reviewed and recycled throughout

                 the course. Lexical sets are chosen according to two criteria.

                • Everyday English : Students have the opportunity to practiced chunks of language used in                           formal and informal situations. Students learn phrases for requests and suitable responses, for                       use whilst shopping, when asking for directions, and for many other situations.